waifu2x-multi Pro

waifu2x-multi Pro

AI Super-Resolution

We make image beautiful.
Upscale the small & noisy image even more beautiful.

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More faster. More beautiful.

waifu2x-multi is the best upscaling solutions for the small & noisy images.


Upscalling small image more beautiful. Up to 16 times.

Noise Reduction

Remove JPEG artifacts and make it beautiful.

High Performance

waifu2x server with high performance GPU is very fast.


System Structure

waifu2x-multi Pro is building a system using Amazon Web Services. The following figure shows the difference between the free service and the paid service.

Free service

Free version

Although it can be used for free, processing is slow because processing resources are shared.

Paid service

Paid version

Processing is fast!! Because processing resources are proprietary and are processed in parallel.

How video is being converted (Paid service)

How video is being converted (Paid service)

Comparison Chart

Free Pro
computer Server Shared Server Dedicated Server
update Processing speed Slow Fast
hourglass_full Waiting for conversion Yes None
photo_size_select_large Expandable size 10x 16x
aspect_ratio Image size limit Within 2560x2560px No limit
cloud_upload File size limit Within 10MB Within 1GB
queue Batch processing Up to 5 No limit
text_snippet Keeping original file name clear panorama_fish_eye
gif Animated GIF clear panorama_fish_eye
video_call Video clear panorama_fish_eye
email E-mail notification clear panorama_fish_eye
device_hub API support clear panorama_fish_eye


small art (2x Upscaling)


noisy art (Noise Reduction)


small photo (2x Upscaling)


small photo (2x Upscaling)


Instance Spec and Price

Instance price is a charge per minute.

Instance GPU vCPU Memory GPU Memory Price
GRID K520 × 1 8 15GB 8GB $0.05 / 1 minute